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5 Things All Women Should Know Before Using An Exercise Corset



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The waist-training corset. (Image Credit:


)Today TGNR introduces guest heath and fitness contributor, trainer Jared Stokes. Mr. Stokes is a long practicing personal fitness trainer, and is currently working on his Ph.D. thesis in Heath Sciences at Columbia University, in New York City. He is a founding member and leader of K3mistry Productions; a multifaceted company dedicated in part to providing sound fitness information, and bringing exercise to new people in a unique positive paradigm. As TGNR’s mission is reporting fascinating good news, the topic of positive and accurate public heath information is of great concern. Mr. Stokes today will share expert insight on 5 things all women should know before using an exercise corset.

America has witnessed many trends come and go, like tether ball or a German Shepard playing a game of “fetch the Frisbee.” From Disco Pants to Colombian jeans, every fad has its time to shine before fading off into the distance. Alas, it is now 2015 and a new development has taken the country by storm, or rather by the belt buckle. Its name, ladies and gentleman, is waist-training…

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How could these have JUST been a fad? (Image Credit:


5: What Does Waist-Training Aim To Do?

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Before and after: The big idea. (Image Credit:

)Our culprit here includes such entities as Miss Belt or Gennie Hourglass, both of which act as a modern day corset. According to writer Jamie Harrison, in an article for Ebony Magazine entitled “Getting Waisted: The Dangers of Corset Training,” : waist-training is considered a practice aimed at reshaping women’s bodies, and trimming inches off their waists through use of a 21st century steel-boned corset, and doing so by being worn for a certain amount of time each day. Ain’t that a mouthful?

Basically, the practice much like its predecessor of the Victorian era, is meant to help women obtain the classic hourglass figure. A look usually defined as having ample breasts, a flat stomach, and voluptuous buttocks. Molly Shea, Assistant Editor for Yahoo! Health states that waist-training at first, “seemed like the kind of trend that would fizzle out quickly.” This assumption was plausible, considering the fact that corsets are extremely outdated. However, thanks to support from celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Brooke Burke-Charvet this trend may be here to stay for a little while.



4: What Is The Physiological Impact Of Waist-Training?

corset training physiological impact

The internal physiological impact of corsets. (Image Credit: Wikicommons

)Here, essentially, is the issue. First, those involved in waist-training often hold the assumption that it is a low-effort trick to slim your waist and “train” your curves. In other words, those wearing items such as Miss Belt or Genie Hourglass may bring with it the hope that it will permanently reshape their body.

This belief is rooted partially in advertisements claiming that the tightness of the garment causes one to sweat profusely. Unfortunately, as is stated by New York City-based plastic surgeon Andrew Miller, MD, corsets don’t have any effect on human anatomy or fat reduction. In fact, no matter the amount of time this item is worn, your body will eventually return to its original shape.

Ironically, if worn for extended periods, a waist-trainer could actually decrease core strength. As emergency physician and television personality Travis Stork puts it, “It does nothing long term. It doesn’t help you lose weight. If anything, the one problem that I have with you wearing it too tight is you’re not allowing your body’s natural core musculature to develop. So actually, if you wear it all the time you’d be doing the exact opposite of what you want to do.”



3: What Problems Exercise Corsets May Actually Create In Your Body

bruised ribs x ray eheathwall dot com

X-ray image of bruised ribs. (Image Credit:

)Another problem with waist-training, ESPECIALLY if you use it improperly when exercising, is that it creates unwanted health effects. Yes, reduction in core strength would fall into this category, but it can also bruise your bones. The reason behind this has to do with creating tight constriction. As Dr. Holly Phillips asserts, “For [adult] women, your bones are formed. You can bruise them and harm them, but you can’t change them.”

In addition to bruised ribs, there is also risk for heartburn or reflux. According to Caroline Apovian, MD, professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, and also a spokesperson for The Obesity Society, waist-training pushes the stomach beyond the diaphragm, which can ultimately cause issues such as reflux.

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The mechanics of reflux in the diaphragm. (Image Credit:



2: Waist-Training And Your Ability To Breath Properly

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Anatomy of the Diaphragm, directly affected by corset device use. (Image Credit:

)There is also the incredibly important issue of breathing. Though having an hourglass figure is the ultimate goal in corset-training, must one succumb to suffocation in order to reach it?

Consider that waist-trainers are wrapped around one’s abdominal area. What does this area house, exactly? The most important structures responsible for one’s respiratory activity. The diaphragm and bottom half of our lungs to be exact. Having something tight around that area for a prolonged period of time is bound to cause some light-hotheadedness, due to inadequate ability to intake oxygen. This can cause serious injury during exercise, as it is a period of prolonged increased respiratory activity.

Nicole Florence, MD, Co-Director of Memorial Weight and Wellness Center at Memorial Medical Center, purports waist-training can restrict your lungs, causing lung infections, as well as your bowels, which can lead to constipation. Let’s not get started on what this means when in comes to exercise! One can easily draw their own clear and accurate conclusion.


1: Fact vs. Illusion: You’re Beautiful As You Were Created & They Have ALOT Of Help

Kim Kardashian help

All the help money can buy. (Image Credit:

)Ultimately, waist-training has become a household commodity due to a push to gain a Jessica Rabbit physique. As well as, of course, the everlasting battle against undertaking proper diet and exercise.

Speaking of which, regarding diet and exercise, let’s go back to this idea of celebrity support for corsets for one Khloe Kardashian, sister of the aforementioned Kim Kardashian. Khloe is an avid supporter of waist-training. She mentions how she works out using this device as a way to help her with results. However what celebrities like Khloe and Kim Kardashian fail to mention is their paramount perks, such as having a personal trainer.

Did you know that Gunnar Peterson, an American personal trainer known for working with professional athletes, is Khloe’s workout couch? It is a far more plausible and accurate conclusion to explain her high-profile body transformation, knowing that someone is guiding her with physiologically sound instruction. Furthermore like most celebrities, Khloe most certainly works closely with a professional nutritionist, as well as having the benefit of prepared meals. Two immense advantages shared by few others in society.

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Jared Stokes is a Master Personal Trainer with an EdD in Health Education from Columbia University in New York City. Jared has been TGNR's Health & Fitness contributor since 2015. He also currently serves as Co-Founder and CEO of K3mistry Productions, a multifaceted company that teaches and promotes advanced media literacy.

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