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5 Things All Women Should Know Before Trying A Waist Trainer in 2019

Master Fitness Trainer J. Stokes gives an expert look into facts women MUST know when trying waist trainers like Miss Belt or Genie Hourglass.



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4: What Is The Physiological Impact Of Using A Waist Trainer?

The possible impact of Waist Trainers like Miss Belt or Genie Hourglass that are 21st century corsets.WikiCommons

The internal physiological impact and consequences of corsets.


Here, essentially, is the issue. First, those involved in waist-training often hold the assumption that it is a low-effort trick to slim your waist and “train” your curves.

In other words, those wearing items such as Miss Belt or Genie Hourglass may bring with it the hope that it will permanently reshape their body.

This belief is rooted partially in advertisements claiming that the tightness of the garment causes one to sweat profusely.


Unfortunately, as is stated by New York City-based plastic surgeon Andrew Miller, MD, corsets don’t have any effect on human anatomy or fat reduction. In fact, no matter the amount of time this item is worn, your body will eventually return to its original shape.

Ironically, if worn for extended periods, a waist-trainer could actually decrease core strength. As emergency physician and television personality Travis Stork puts it:

“It does nothing long term. It doesn’t help you lose weight. If anything, the one problem that I have with you wearing it too tight is you’re not allowing your body’s natural core musculature to develop. So actually, if you wear it all the time you’d be doing the exact opposite of what you want to do.”

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If at best you’re accomplishing nothing while wearing a waist trainer, whilst also weakening the all important core musculature, what other problems might the waist trainer create?

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Jared Stokes is a Master Personal Trainer with an EdD in Health Education from Columbia University in New York City. Jared is the Co-Founder and current CEO of K3mistry Productions; a multifaceted organization that teaches and promotes advanced media literacy. Furthermore, Jared is Co-Host for the weekly AVIOT Podcast (Atypical Voices In Our Time). Jared Stokes has been TGNR's Health & Fitness contributor since November 2015.