Happy Birthday, Micah!

Micah, son of New York Times journalist Mark Effron, has always had a special gift. Throughout his life, Micah has connected in a unique way with his grandfather Irving Effron, a World War II veteran with dry sense of humor who loved to retell stories about his time in the service.  Their relationship remains strong despite Irving’s increasing dementia.

For Micah’s thirtieth birthday he received an extraordinary gift from his grandfather.  His family compiled a video of well wishes from different relatives, including Grandfather Irving.  When recording, the author was unsure if Irving would have the lucidity to record a message.  To the wonder of everyone, Irving came forth with an emphatic and beautiful exhortation to live life in joy and to its fullest.


(photo from original article, taken by Mark Effron)

Follow the link to the complete story and birthday message (full of ‘nachas’-explained in the article): http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/21/booming/for-micahs-birthday-his-grandfathers-blessing.html?_r=0

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