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Go Bananas!



Botanists have discovered a new species of the genus Musa aka wild banana.  The new species belongs to the subgenera Rhodochlamys, other members of which are best known for their aesthetic and decorative purposes.  Rhadochlamys’s attractiveness comes from their vibrantly colored bract, a leaf that grows at the base of the flower (as well as the bundles of flowers themselves).  The newest specimen named Musa arunachalensis has a brilliant red-orange bract with a yellow tip.

Unfortunately, Musa arunachalensis, like the rest of the sub-genera, do not produce edible fruit but if they did, we all know the proper way to peel a banana.  Watch the video if you need a reminder (Hint: start at the bottom!)

Read more about the new species at Sci-News.

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