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Star Wars Bounty Hunter Gives Name To New Catfish Species



Greedo (left) and his catfish incarnation (right). (Image Credit: Caitlin PenzeyMoog/A.V.Club)


By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-in-Chief

Greedo, the beady-eyed, green-skinned alien bounty hunter may have been killed by Han Solo,but his memory will live on…and not just in reruns of Star Wars: A New Hope. A new species of Brazillian catfish bearing distinctive Greedo-esque features such as a protruding, puckered mouth and thick facial bristles inspired Jonathan Armbruster, a biologist and lifetime Star Wars fan, to name the new species after the bounty hunter. Introducing: Peckoltia greedoi. See the similarities?

The specimens were originally found in 1998 but were identified as a different species, Peckoltia vittati. However, closer inspection by Armbruster and colleagues David Werneke, Milton Tan and Chris Hamilton, discovered significant differences between the 1998 catfish specimens and Peckoltia vittati.  As a result, Star Wars fans everywhere have a living memorial to Greedo….even if Han Solo shot first.


Read more about Peckoltia greedoi at Auburn University and CNN.

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Kristen E. Strubberg is the Editor-in-Chief for TGNR. Kristen founded TGNR in 2013 - seeking to create a high quality platform for original, eclectic and substantive positive news journalism by attracting expert contributors in many varying subjects. Kristen also works as a clinical medical researcher in Cardiology, with an original background in Neuroscience. Her passion for science has translated to her science-fiction specialization, with her highly adept published insights into the best of sci-fi’s popular culture. Kristen has served as TGNR’s Editor-in-Chief since 2013.

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