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Battle of Adrianople | 381 AD-390 AD

The Battle of Adrianople shows the clear decline of Roman power, and Magnus Maximus becomes an unlikely Welsh folk hero.



The infamous Battle of Adrianople – the pitched battle between the ad hoc Thervingi Goths under the banner of Fritigern – against the hasty Roman Emperor Valens. As a battle and greater war nobody wanted or ever thought they would have to fight; for the Romans the Battle of Adrianople goes down in the annals of Roman history along with Cannae and the Teutoburg Forest.

Battle of Adrianople: A Conflict That Was Completely Avoidable

The Battle of Adrianople and the greater war could have been resolved with a bloodless victory for the Romans and Thervingi Goths.

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It speaks heavily to the rapidly declining abilities – and more importantly absence of wise leadership – for the Romans To say nothing of the sheer tenacity of the various Goths who came to the banner of Fritigern.

Magnus Maximus: The Roman Who Became The Welsh Legend Macsen Wledig

Magnus Maximus: a Roman general who later became emperor rising up in the British isles is truly astonishing. Magnus Maximus’s story became a folk legend in Wales of all places. It is an amazing story that only our resident Briton could possibly tell.

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As promised, here is the link to the Welsh legend of one Macsen Wledig

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